One on One:

This program is for those who want a private session with no one else around. That means you own the gym for the hour. You also get to pick the music that plays and video that shows on TV. No other facility gives you all this in one hour except Magic Fitness, the only place that caters to you.


Double Up:

This program works great for a husband and wife, mom and son, girlfriend and boyfriendr whomever your partner might be. I’ll still give you both my undivided attention as if it were only one of you here. It’s also great to have a workout partner for that extra motivation to help achieve your results.


Triple Play:

This is a group training session. I always recommend that you all have the same fitness goals. That means you should all be here for the same objective, like weight loss or weight gain. The saving for this program is fantastic. If you’re not looking to spend a lot of money then this could be the perfect plan for you.



This program is popular with people who have limited time and money but are still committed to working out. I guess it’s so loved because it brings quick results. This program is a 15 min warm-up followed by a non-stop 45 minute session that burns fat quickly while  you tone your muscles. No more excuses. Here is your solution to fitting exercise into your busy schedule or tight budget.


Weekend Warrior:

This program is only available on Saturday and Sunday. This program is prefect for those who can not work out during the week. The program is 90 min long.

Day 1: 30 min of cardio fat burn + 60 min of upper body strength training

Day 2: 30 min of cardio fat burn + 60 min of lower body strength training


Gastric Bypass & Exercise:

Many people today are enjoying the benefits of Gastric Bypass Surgery. However, if you do not exercise while you are rapidly losing weight you are at risk of having poor muscle tone, definition, strength and sagging skin.  If you exercise while you are losing weight, you will have a more firm physique, sculpted body, increased stamina and tighter skin.


Metabolic Conditions:

Your metabolism is either too fast or too slow. Therefore it is difficult for you to keep the pounds on or off.  Yes people do have this rare problem.  Magicfitness will step in to help you build muscle or shed fat to help fight against your metabolic disorder.



Rehabilitation Reovery:

With over three years experience in physical therapy, I have learned the physical therapy will only lay the ground work.  It’s your responsibility to make sure you don’t end up back in his office.  Build those muscles up so they aren’t so easily injured the next time.  A fit, toned body is the best defense against injuries in the future.








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