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“I’ll flat out say it, I love Magic, he straight up changed everything about me. The way I eat, sleep, and think. I have a whole new out look on life.”

– Lea

“The greatest trainer on earth has got to be Magic. I have so much fun training at his gym I forget we are really training. I can’t wait to come back the next day.”

– Arlene

“First my husband got a trainer and lost weight, so I decided to do him one better. I asked around to find who was hottest, newest trainer out there, and everyone said, “You don’t know?” Well, I know now.”

– Kass

“I wanted to be one step ahead of the rest, so I hired the most motivational trainer in Las Vegas. Magic thanks so much for flattening my stomach.”

– Rana’

“OK, let’s get serious. I know how to go to the gym and train, but Magic will push you to limits of the unknown. Look at these biceps baby!”

– Gary

“I first tried out this other trainer, I’ll mention no names. He tried to kill me the first day as if I was Superman. Magic broke me in slow at first then elevated my workouts to another level, but not before I was ready. Thanks Magic you are the man.”

– Sam



What will I get from the program?

1. A reshaped body in 12 weeks of working out three hours a week.

2. Symmetrical muscularity and definition.

3. Increased metabolism due to muscle gain, so you can eat more without getting fat.

4. A low fat, never go hungry, eating plan.

5. Stronger bones and healthier heart and lungs.

6. Improved posture, walk and stance.

7. Reversal of the aging process on muscle and bone.

8. Lowered blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

9. Freedom from measuring devices such as the scale, the fat caliper, and the tape measure… The mirror and your clothing will be your new measurement.

10. Increased strength and improved performance in your sport.

11. Increased mental energy and a more positive outlook on life.



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