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The name of the game is motivation. 90% of my clients are here only because they can’t stay focused. Trust me no one cares how many certificates I have on my wall. If I don’t get results than nobody is happy, especially you. It’s my job to push your buttons and reprogram your mind to think and act like a new individual. The old individual wouldn’t act responsible. You remember, that person who always eats fast food on the run. He/she almost never exercises, but of course your main reason for that is you don’t have enough time in the day. If the president of the United States just passed a new law stating no one was allowed to wear clothing ever again, what would you do? After contemplating suicide you would call me. Don’t wait until then, because one day someone will invite you to come to a pool party, then what?

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I ask clients all the time why do you continue to train here with me at MagicFitness? They always reply it’s fun here and so addictive. I opened this facility 15 years ago and have had over 10 clients who have been here now almost 9 years. People become addicted to smoking, eating bad, drinking and not exercising. Wouldn’t it be nice to be addictive to fitness. I’ll do my best to get you hooked for life, because your life depends on it.

You have made a very wise choice by joining MagicFitness, a one of a kind fitness studio, that is catered just for you. I try to make you feel very comfortable here in your new place of training. The music is specified to your liking, within reason. As a member here, you will have a clean supply of workout towels every time you enter the gym. There is cold, refreshing water in the water cooler for your drinking pleasure. Cable TV is also here for your viewing entertainment. I will strive to train you in a fun atmosphere, while you benefit from all my training techniques at all times. I would like to thank you for becoming a member here at MagicFitness and hope you tell all your friends about me, so I can continue to serve the public.





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